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Cell Phone Insurance


1.  Who needs Cell Phone Insurance?

If you own a cell phone, you need to be insured. Cell phones have become such an integral part of our daily lifestyles & if we leave it at home, we know how disconnected we feel. If your cell phone is stolen, lost, damaged & so forth, insurance will clear away any headache.

2.  Why should you take out Cell Phone Insurance?

Not all service provides offer automatically insurance on a cellphone, although its offered at the time of purchase most with out clearly understand the implications, decline the offer from a service provider should it be offered. We only fully understand the need of a cover onces there is a loss from theft or accidental damage. Unfortunately sometimes once its to late, and one is in a loss.

3.  How much does Cell Phone insurance cover cost?

Cell Phone Insurance cover premium is calculated on the individual handsets value, not the person or the area or for what its used for.

4.  Typical claims incurred on Cell Phone Insurance policies

common claim that arises from these covers are mostly theft, accidental damages to these phones. Although the risk is placed under an all risk cover section of ones householders. The cell phone risk cover includes accidental damages as well as water damage. In these cases an excess does apply which would be determent from underwriter to underwriter.

5.  What other insurance should be considered along with Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell Phone Insurance cover at this stage is not offered on a cover on its own through Barrington however the cover can be benefited under the All Risk section of any Household Insurance.


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